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Summer is here! Our beautiful beach has come alive right here in front of the Beach House, with dazzling shades of blue water and white sand bars to walk on from our sheltered beach. The grass is green and the sky is blue, and our treasured guests have already started using the thatched Bali daybed to relax on and watch beach life drifting by.
We really love it all year round here at Beach House Dunsborough.  While the summer has a stunning outlook with the shades of blue water and white sand bars, the start of winter has been calm, serene and ideal for that cozy feeling of the wood heater going inside the Beach House.  The 5 minute walk along the beach path into town is wonderful anytime of year to the cafes and shops.

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We’ve discovered that the historic Caves House in nearby Yallingup has a free courtesy bus that picks you up when you want to go there for dinner or drinks and returns you when you’re ready.

And we just love driving the 5 minutes towards Yallingup to get the German baker’s fresh healthy bread and fruit bread fresh out of the oven at his bush bakery off Biddle Rd. The fruit bread comes out of the oven at 4pm and you have to be quick because it’s so popular it’s often gone in half an hour.

Last weekend we found exactly that, and had to make a quick dash back following the delivery driver to the Dunsborough shops to quickly get the last two loaves.

Photo Bunkers Beach

Photo from Bunkers Beach Cafe near Beach House Dunsborough accommodation